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Have to Explode

D    (xx0232)
G    (320033)
A    (x02220)
Bb   (x13331)

mute the high e string during the verses.

Intro:  D Asus4 G G  (X2)
D                  Asus4
Tile floor of the bathroom
Scrubbed clean and bright
          D       Asus4    G
Checkerboard white and grey
D               Asus4           G
Towels from the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Kingston Jamaica
     D       Asus4    G
I can still see the rust colored stains today
            A      G
The stage is set
          D                             G
Someone's going to do something someone else will regret
G          A                 D           G
I speak in smoke signals and you answer in code
Bb                            D
The fuse will have to run out sometime
G            A             D             G
Something here will eventually have to explode
G           D       Asus4       G      G
Have to explode

You and me lying on the tile floor
Trying to keep cool
Restless all night
Sweating out the poison
As the temperature climbs
Staring up up at the hundred-watt light that burns above
Name one thing about us two anyone could love
We roll out the red carpet
When rotten luck comes down the road
Five four three two one
Watch for the flash
Something here will eventually have to explode
Have to explode 
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