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 ====== Hebrews 11:40 ====== ====== Hebrews 11:40 ======
 <​code>​ <​code>​
--tabbed by Mike Wojciechowski+Capo on 2
-For God had provided something better for us, so that they would be made perfect together with us.+Intro: 
 +D  A  Em  G    x4
-F# F# A+ 
 +D   A Em             G 
 +Masks hanging on the tomb walls  
 +D  A                    Em    G 
 +   Where the coven grieves 
 +D              A        Em     G 
 +Witches hiding in the bramble, ground level 
 + ​D ​  ​A ​ Em                G 
 + ​down ​  where the dry leaves 
 +Bm              A 
 +Blow and burn slowly  
 +G                       D 
 +No ground is ever gonna hold me 
 +(Repeat Intro) 
 +D  A   ​Em ​            G 
 +Bright candles in the manor 
 +D  A                     ​Em ​  G 
 +   Where the curse takes hold 
 +D         ​A ​             Em              G 
 +Bodies reassembling down where the worms crawl 
 +          D    A              Em            G 
 +Make your own friends when the world'​s gone cold 
 +        Bm       A 
 +It gets dark and then  
 +        G                          D 
 +I feel certain I am going to rise again 
 +          Bm                Em 
 +If not by faith then by the sword  
 +             G 
 +I'm going to be restored 
 +(Repeat Intro) 
 +D     ​A ​        ​Em ​             G 
 +Build fires to keep the beacon flashing  
 +D   ​A ​                   Em   G 
 +    Where the earth lies flat 
 +D              A            Em         G 
 +Blood calls to blood as the hours draw down 
 +  D           ​A ​    ​Em ​  G 
 +Invent my own family ​   if it comes to that 
 +          Bm               A 
 +Hold them close, hold them near 
 +          G                                D 
 +Tell them no one's ever going to hurt them here 
 +(Repeat Intro) 
 +D         ​A ​           Em           G 
 +Steal the treasure and try to leave town 
 +D   ​A ​                ​Em ​  G 
 +   Fight my way back down 
 +D   ​A ​           Em      G 
 +   ​Don'​t want to hurt anyone 
 +D              A         ​Em ​           G 
 +Probably gonna have to before it's all done 
 +             ​Bm ​        A 
 +Take to the hills right away 
 +          G                            D 
 +I'm gonna get my perfect body back someday 
 +          Bm                Em 
 +If not by faith then by the sword  
 +             G 
 +I'm going to be restored 
 +(Repeat Intro) 
 +End on Em 
 +updated 3/31/2010 by acowkickedme. 
 +B F# A
 Masks hanging on the tomb walls Masks hanging on the tomb walls
 Where the coven grieves Where the coven grieves
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 If not by faith then by the sword If not by faith then by the sword
 I'm going to be restored I'm going to be restored
 +</​code> ​
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