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 +===== Hello There, Howard =====
 +tabbed by kevin ricker.
 +3A - "​A"​ shape, 3rd fret (I'd just call it Bb, but that's not really it)
 +the guy on my right is new 
 +               ​3A ​                   A
 +and he says he feels kinda sad and his hands are cold 
 +               D
 +and he refuses the dice 
 +so I pick 'em up myself.
 +I let 'em roll. 
 +and the little white spots gleam like stars 
 +and the guy on my right gets a look at the stickman ​
 +and he begins to sense where it is that we are 
 +and the table'​s hot 
 +but so am I 
 +and I grab the bones and I let 'em fly. 
 +so come 2 come 3 come 4 come 5 come 6 come 7 come 9 
 +it doesn'​t matter to me now 
 +'cause I've got all kinds of time.
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