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   * [[tabs:​Minor Joan Crawford Vehicle]]   * [[tabs:​Minor Joan Crawford Vehicle]]
   * [[tabs:Moon Song]]   * [[tabs:Moon Song]]
-  * [[tabs:The Mountain Goats Show Song / Mountain Goats Busking Song]] [[https://​​post/​128708825484/​come-on-down-and-see-the-mountain-goats-show-best|Listen]]+  * [[tabs:​Mountain Goats Busking Song]] [[https://​​post/​128708825484/​come-on-down-and-see-the-mountain-goats-show-best|Listen]]
   * [[tabs:​Mountain Goats Shirt Song]]   * [[tabs:​Mountain Goats Shirt Song]]
   * [[tabs:My Favorite Things]]   * [[tabs:My Favorite Things]]
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