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 +===== I've Got the Sex =====
 +tab by steve russell ([[|]])
 + ​Am ​                  C
 +crushing strawberries one by one
 +E                          Am
 +watching the juice drip down
 +Am                    C
 +two and a half months ahead of schedule
 +   ​E ​                     Am
 +the leaves on the trees are turning brown
 +Dm               ​Am ​            ​E ​                Am
 +we got ready for winter, as the sun rose up in the sky
 +Dm                                Am
 +there was something almost soothing in the hard to define
 +E                    Am
 +note of terror in your eye
 +watching the strawberries lose their shape
 +as the wind blew threw the elm tree
 +the wind was far too cold for the middle of april
 +and you reached out your hand to me
 +it was good to feel your hand in mine
 +it was good to know you felt the pull too
 +i scooped up a palmfull of strawberry pulp
 +and smeared it all over you
 +Dm                    Am                 ​E ​                        Am
 +the wild strawberries drove me on, as i lapped them up off of your skin
 +Dm                    Am                     ​E ​                    Am
 +and i could feel your basal body temperature rise as the cold came in
 +hey hey hey hey... Am C E Am till end
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