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Indonesia by the Mountain Goats
Tabbed by Jonovox


Riff 1:			Riff 2:		Riff 3:
e|-----------------|    e|-------0-|	e|-----------------|
B|---------------2-|    B|-------2-|	B|-----------------|
G|---------------2-|    G|-5-7-0-2-|	G|-----------------|
D|-3-2-0---------2-|	D|-------2-|	D|-----------------|
A|-------3-2-0---0-|	A|-------0-|	A|-3-2-0-----0-2-0-|
E|-------------3---|	E|---------|	E|-------3-3-------|

A A11 Riff 1
A A11 Riff 2

A			   F
The summer came in carrying spring in its mouth, 
D			     A
held it up for everyone to see
A				 F		   D			   E
This is the time when all of our plans and schemes melt down into listless anarchy 
C		     F
historically anyway, that's been the case 
F				D	  E
but this year there's a new pink sheen on your face 
	 A		      G					       D
like the color of a secret flower that grows tall and moist and incorruptible 
   A   G	  A
in Indonesia, Indonesia

A A11 Riff 1
A A11 Riff 1 

A				   F
The season tunneled forward like a moth through grain 
D				A
its hunger was an all consuming mindless thing
A			   F		
And you slept for 12 to 14 hours at a stretch
D				   E
I wondered what the weather in the fall was going to bring
And then you said you'd dreamt of cowboys 
that were zombies in disguise
Well I knew fall was never coming, 
it was written on your eyes
	 A			 G
like the mist hangs there in the air
G					    D
on the mountainside where rare and nameless flowers grow
   A   G	  A
in Indonesia, Indonesia.

A A11 Riff 1
A A11 Riff 2
A A11 Riff 3
A A11 Riff 1
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