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Jeff Davis County Blues

Tab by dan – dtrom4 at aol dot com
Comments / corrections welcome.

The riff follows something like the one below.  Throw it (or some variation) in where appropriate.  
Because I’m feeling thorough, here it is with barre or open chords.

(I actually play it with the old capo on three, so if you’re math inclined, you could subtract 3 from that first riff.  
For beginners keeping score at home, capo three gives you E A for the main bit, and then throw in Am and B)

Enough ranting.  Enjoy!

G Am7

after three nights in jail, i head north from toyahvale.
switch to 285 in pecos, head up to red bluff.
my walk's real steady and my eyes are real cold
but i feel like i'm all of sixteen years old --
Am7							      G
lost in the travel lodge, with the television on with the sound down,
i don't feel so tough.
C            D		      G
old issues of sunset magazine to read,
                    C  D		   G
sleep for twelve hours, and dream about home.

i have no place to go, so i drive up to new mexico.
fix my eyes in the rearview when i cross the state line.
and i panic, i guess. and although it's quite late,
i take the first exit to 128. 
i am coming back to midland.
i hope you won't mind.
polaroids of the two of us scattered on the passenger's seat.
i drive slowly
and evenly
and i dream about home.
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