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tabbed by mike

Asus4    Asus2   Dmaj9  
e--0--   --0--   --0--
B--3--   --0--   --2--
G--2--   --2--   --2--
D--2--   --2--   --0--
A--0--   --0--   -----
E-----   -----   -----

play around with the As & the Ds if you like..

D                Dmaj9
you clean out your junk drawer
D                Dmaj9
you mop up some blood
          D           Dmaj9
while the first of the new creatures
rises from the mud
D        Dmaj9
cursing the moment
     D      Dmaj9
that saw him draw breath
     D      Dmaj9
the ghost on your doorstep
   G           A
is starving to death

D Em7 G Asus4/A/Asus2/A
D Em7 G Asus4/A/Asus2/A
D Em7 G Asus4/A/Asus2/A

you spray down the windows
and you wipe them all clean
and you douse your old clothing
with fresh gasoline
and the ghost on your doorstep
is soaked wet with rain
and he clutches his stomach
and howls at the pain

Bm                G        D
and you can stay busy all day
Bm          G     A
he's never going away

so let all the lights blaze
keep your heart light
play really loud music
all hours of the night
and when you set the table
set it for two
the ghost on your doorstep
has to eat, same as you
same as you
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