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 +tabbed by mike
 +Asus4    Asus2   ​Dmaj9  ​
 +e--0-- ​  ​--0-- ​  --0--
 +B--3-- ​  ​--0-- ​  --2--
 +G--2-- ​  ​--2-- ​  --2--
 +D--2-- ​  ​--2-- ​  --0--
 +A--0-- ​  ​--0-- ​  -----
 +E----- ​  ​----- ​  -----
 +play around with the As & the Ds if you like..
 +D                Dmaj9
 +you clean out your junk drawer
 +D                Dmaj9
 +you mop up some blood
 +          D           Dmaj9
 +while the first of the new creatures
 +rises from the mud
 +D        Dmaj9
 +cursing the moment
 +     ​D ​     Dmaj9
 +that saw him draw breath
 +     ​D ​     Dmaj9
 +the ghost on your doorstep
 +   ​G ​          A
 +is starving to death
 +D Em7 G Asus4/​A/​Asus2/​A
 +D Em7 G Asus4/​A/​Asus2/​A
 +D Em7 G Asus4/​A/​Asus2/​A
 +you spray down the windows
 +and you wipe them all clean
 +and you douse your old clothing
 +with fresh gasoline
 +and the ghost on your doorstep
 +is soaked wet with rain
 +and he clutches his stomach
 +and howls at the pain
 +Bm                G        D
 +and you can stay busy all day
 +Bm          G     A
 +he's never going away
 +so let all the lights blaze
 +keep your heart light
 +play really loud music
 +all hours of the night
 +and when you set the table
 +set it for two
 +the ghost on your doorstep
 +has to eat, same as you
 +same as you
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