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 tabbed by kearney tabbed by kearney
 +==Last Gasp at Calama==
-Out in the street+<code>
-Free and young+C
 +G           C
 +Out in the street
 +          F
 +Free and young
 +G             C
 Songs of the great god Songs of the great god
 Wild on my tongue Wild on my tongue
 +     Em        F
 Here come the new guys again Here come the new guys again
 +Em                G
 +         Humorless men
-       Humorless men +                                  F 
- +Let he who's without sin throw the first one like you said 
-    +                         Am         F                             G 
-Let he who's without sin  +Let anyone else throw the second, as long as it connects with your head
-          F +
-Cast the first stone Like you said +
-                         Am +
-Let anyone else throw the second +
-    F                             G +
-As long as it connects with your head+
      C      C
Line 29: Line 32:
 C         Am C         Am
 One more summer One more summer
-            G+            G 
 Then no more swan Then no more swan
-        +C
 +G          C
 Hand me a torch Hand me a torch
 +     F
 Why not? Why not?
-Let's get some kicks in +G               C 
 +Let's get some kicks in 
 +            F 
 While the flame's still hot While the flame's still hot
-They'll do What they were gonna do anyway 
-But Carthage may rise again one day 
-With the measure that you used +        Em              F 
-so shall it be measured to you +They'll do what they're gonna do anyway 
-So you say +Em                                G 
 +   But Carthage may rise again one day 
 +          C                  
 +With the measure that you used 
 +So shall it be measured to you 
 +C      Am 
 +So you say 
 +F         G
 And it's true And it's true
-One summer +     C 
 +One summer 
 +                     F
 Then all of this is gone Then all of this is gone
-One more summer +C         Am 
 +One more summer 
 +            G
 Then no more swan Then no more swan
 +end on C
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