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Love Love Love

tab by Dan - dtrom4 at aol dot com

Intro: E A E A

E                                  A
King Saul fell on his sword when it all went wrong,
E                                        B
and Joseph's brothers sold him down the river for a song,
E                                   A
and Sonny Liston rubbed some tiger balm into his glove.
      F#m                        A               B           E
some things you do for money and some you do for love, love, love.

(E) A E A

E                            A
Raskolnikov felt sick but he couldn't say why
E                                      B
when he saw his face reflected in his victim's twinkling eye.
E                                   A
some things you'll do for money and some you'll do for fun,
        F#m                                 A                B       E
but the things you do for love are going to come back to you one by one.

(E) A

(A)                                      E
Love, love is going to lead you by the hand
A                                E
into a white and soundless place.
A                 C#m               E
now we see things as in a mirror dimly.
A                              B
then we shall see each other face to face.

E                      A
and way out in Seattle young Kurt Cobain
E                                      B
snuck out to the greenhouse, put a bullet in his brain.
    E                                  A
snakes in the grass beneath our feet, rain in the clouds above,
     F#m                          A               B            E
some moments last forever, but some flare up with love, love, love.

(E) A E A

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