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 +=====Lovecraft In Brooklyn=====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 +tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel483 and Rosa
-Lovecraft In Brooklyn+B5:    799xxx 
 +A5:    577xxx 
 +G5:    355xxx 
 +D:     ​xx0232 
 +Asus4: x02230 
 +G:     ​320033 
 +F#:    244222 
 +A:     ​x02220
---tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel483+*: strum the last chord without pressing down, i.e. as a harmonic, until the next chord
-B   A B B   A B B+<> refers to a harmonic, thus <b7> is a harmonic on the 7th fret of the b string  
 +and <​full5>​ is a harmonic on the 5th fret of all the strings
-A B B   ​A G G   ​A B B   ​+B5   ​A5-B5   ​A5-B5   ​A5-B5   ​A5-G5 ​  A5-B5
-B B                                   A B B +A5-B5 
-It's gonna be too hot to breath ​today +It's gonna be too hot to breathe ​today 
-                                         A G G +A5-B5 
-But everybody ​is out here on the streets +But everybody'​s ​out here on the streets 
-                                       A B B+A5-G5
 Somebody'​s opened up the fire hydrant Somebody'​s opened up the fire hydrant
-                                  A B B+A5-B5
 Cold water rushing out in sheets Cold water rushing out in sheets
 Some kid in a Marcus Allen jersey Some kid in a Marcus Allen jersey
Line 24: Line 33:
 So I take what I can get So I take what I can get
- +D                                  ​Asus4 
-D                                  ​A +Hubcaps on the cars like fun house mirrors
-Hubcaps on the car like fun house mirrors+
 G G
-Stick to the shadows ​that I can +Stick to the shadows ​when I can 
-                   B    A  B B    A B B+             B5       <​b7>​ A5-B5 <​full5>​
 Lovecraft in Brooklyn Lovecraft in Brooklyn
-Well the sun goes down on the armies of the voiceless+When the sun goes down the armies of the voiceless
 Several hundred-thousand strong Several hundred-thousand strong
-Come without their bandages+Come out without their bandages
 Their voices raised in song Their voices raised in song
 When the street lights sputter out When the street lights sputter out
 They make this awful sizzling sound They make this awful sizzling sound
-I cast my gaze towards ​the pavement+I cast my gaze toward ​the pavement
 Too many blood stains on the ground Too many blood stains on the ground
 Rhode Island drops into the ocean Rhode Island drops into the ocean
 No place to call home anymore No place to call home anymore
 +             ​B5* ​     A5-B5*
 Lovecraft in Brooklyn Lovecraft in Brooklyn
-F#                G           ​D ​              A+F#                G           ​D ​              Asus4
 Head outside most everyday to try to keep the wolves away Head outside most everyday to try to keep the wolves away
 G                   D G                   D
 Imagine nice things I might say Imagine nice things I might say
-                   F#    ​B   A B B+                ​F#    ​B5*  A5-B5* ​ <full7, emphasis on the g string>
 If company should come If company should come
 +A5-B5* ​ A5-B5* (keep playing the * for the rest of the song)
 Woke up afraid of my own shadow Woke up afraid of my own shadow
Line 68: Line 79:
 Yeah! Yeah!
 +F# A B5 A5-B5 x4
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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