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 +From http://​​xgmcx.html
 +C:     ​x32010
 +Fmaj7: x03210
 +F:     ​133211
 +Dsus2: xx0230
 +C            Fmaj7                  C             Fmaj7
 +                    the street'​s alive
 +                     ​we'​re not alone
 +our legs move like well-oiled gears and i know we're never going home
 +there is a dwarf on the corner with a cup in his hand
 +a black hat on his big head he sings a little song and then the sky turns red
 +C F C Dsus2    F
 +               just now
 +               when i catch sight of you
 +               in the burning sun
 +F                                C        Fmaj7
 +you strike me as mean-spirited
 +let the dwarf come out
 +let the old songs come
 +the scales tip back
 +and the arpeggiates can ruuuuuuuuuunn once i knew what to say to you
 +now the words will not come through and i love you underneath a red sky
 +but for the life of me i couldn'​t say why
 +just now
 +when i catch sight of you
 +in the burning sun
 +you strike me as mean-spirited
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