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 ===== Maybe Sprout Wings ===== ===== Maybe Sprout Wings =====
 Tabbed by Dan Trombley (daniel.trombley at gmail dot com) Tabbed by Dan Trombley (daniel.trombley at gmail dot com)
 +Edited by Jonathan Bliss (jonnyface at gmail dot com) and Jesse F
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 +The guitar on the recording is very sparse. ​ He often just plays power chords.  ​
 +If you want to strum a little more, replace the Bb5 chord with a Bbsus2 chord. ​ It sounds fine.
 Dm riff Dm riff
 e---1-1-0-1-3--------- e---1-1-0-1-3---------
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-Dm                          G    ​Am               Dm+Dm                          G    ​C/E               Dm
 a bad dream shook me in my sleep and I woke up sweating. a bad dream shook me in my sleep and I woke up sweating.
 Dm                           G Dm                           G
 ran through the dark to the shower, ran through the dark to the shower,
-Fm          A+Bb5          Am
 already forgetting. already forgetting.
 Dm                   G Dm                   G
 tried to think good thoughts. tried to think good thoughts.
-Am                     Dm+C/E                     Dm
 trying to find my way clear. trying to find my way clear.
 Dm                      G Dm                      G
 let the room fill with steam, let the room fill with steam,
-Fm                     ​A+Bb5                     ​Am
 traced pictures on the mirror. traced pictures on the mirror.
-G            ​       ​Dm ​        G+G            ​C/E        ​Dm ​        G
 ghosts and clouds and nameless things. ghosts and clouds and nameless things.
 Dm                   G Dm                   G
 squint your eyes and hope real hard, squint your eyes and hope real hard,
-Am            Dm+C/E            Dm
 maybe sprout wings. maybe sprout wings.
Line 49: Line 54:
 maybe sprout wings. maybe sprout wings.
 +**I figured out the strumming pattern at the beginning. You play the D chord four times and then the D string once. 
 +-Allie M.**
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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