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tabbed by Gabbi aka sept151983. Some riffs added by Hoffy.

This is a very rough tab, but I figured a song this good deserved at least this. Feel free to edit as you please.

The riff is something like this:

E -2-------2--------3--
B -3-2-0-0--3-0-1-1--0-
G -2-------------------
D -0-------------------
A -0-------------------
E ---------------------

Riff 2:
e -2-5-3-2-0--------------
B -3--------3-0-1-1-1-0---
G -2-------------------2-0
D -0----------------------
A -0----------------------
E ------------------------

(some times mixing the riff 2 with

e -2-5-3-2-0--------3-----
B -3--------3-0-1-1---0-0-
G -2----------------------
D -0----------------------
A -0----------------------
E ------------------------

D                        C       D   G
Come and stay with me as long as you like
D                                G                C
I live outside of town where the straight highway curves
D                       C                G
For three years I lived next door to the airport
D                            G             A
So nothing you can say to me can get on my nerves

Bm                A         D                   G
Stay 'til you can feel your legs underneath you again
         G          C         D
I've got room in my house for you

D                           C               G
I got a Kenmore single room window unit air conditioner
D                           G            C
Cools down the place in the full heat of day
D                       C               G
A family of possums has made their home underneath the front steps
D                          G               A
They are magestic in their own beady-eyed, homely way

Bm                A            D             G
Stay 'til you can breathe like normal people do
         G          C         D         
I've got room in my house for you

Dm   A                        G               D
They tore down the airport in nineteen eighty one
D       C                   G                    A
This is where I came when I ran out of places to run

      D                           C                  G      
Come, come, come and stay with me out here away from things
D                               G          A
Come and stay with me where the sky's real clear
D                           C                      G
I live way out where no one believes anybody could live
D                                C                       G
The sky's purple from six in the evening to midnight out here

Bm            A          D       G
Stay 'til the world goes down in flames
G                         C         D
I've got room, room in my house for you
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