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 +===== Milk Song =====
 +Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (
 +A D-A A E-A (x2)
 +A                               D-A
 +when the sky was the color of cream,
 +A                                              E-A
 +and you started leaving messages on my answering machine
 +A                             D-A
 +telling me that you were way across town and
 +A                       E-A
 +would be home in a night or two.
 +D                             A
 +i started keeping track of my losses.
 +D                                   A
 +there were only one or two i couldn'​t cover.
 +D                         A
 +and up there against the milk while sky i saw
 +E                    A
 +fleeting vestiges of you.
 +the way you vanished gradually
 +has made a bitter man of me.
 +and the way you vanished gradually,
 +has made a bitter man of me.
 +A                                     D-A
 +where the ocean cleaves the rocks real clean.
 +A                      E-A
 +i dropped my answering machine.
 +A                           ​D ​                     A           ​E ​             A
 +i watched the waves chew it into tiny little pieces of seafoam hissing in the air.
 +in the balance sheet i'd been keeping in my mind 
 +i entered two hundred kroners to the left of the debit line.
 +D                           A
 +it was what the machine had cost me.
 +E                                 A
 +it was a greater loss than i could bear.
 +i hear the wheels and knobs whirring down to this very day,
 +long after the ocean has washed it all away.
 +A                            D  ​
 +i heard the train go by last night.
 +A                                 D
 +and it's a slow train outta here, alright.
 +A                               E
 +but the way you disappeared in slow degrees,
 +           ​D ​                 A
 +has made a very patient man of me.
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