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Minnesota Tab

I just tried to edit the existing tab, which was close to correct
but has a few problems.  The biggest thing is that it was missing 
the Am during the chorus part, and just had a C.  You can hear he
does a walkdown on the A string from C to Am.

The D* means play a normal D but hammer on and off on the G string 
a couple of times.  You also dont have to... I think it was labelled 
a Dsus in the other tab but I don't think that's correct.

Also I find the C sounds good if you play C9 - which makes for 
an easier transition too.

C9 = 3


G                                    Em 
   seeds came in the mail today from holland
         D*                              C
and the language on the package was wonderful and strange
G                         Em 
all sorts of flowers that grow up from the earth
   D*                      C
      in goodly colors gloriously arranged

C                           D  
i circled the house and i scattered them around
        G                        C
let the water sink down into the soil
Am                           D  
   stared a long time at the residue
G                  C
   blood, milk and oil
Am                           D  
god the humidity is something
G                  C
our shirts are soaked clean through
Am                           D  
the house is throbbing and the heat keeps coming
G                  C
and i keep looking at you

G   Em   Dsus   C    

G                              Em 
    and then you're singing in dutch to me
         D*                        C
            and i recognize the song
G                      Em 
   it seems so old and so fragile 
D*                              C
   and i haven't heard it in so long
Am                                 D  
   we may throw the windows open later
           G                      C
but we are not as far west as you suppose we are
Am                       D  
hot wind coming off the water
G                        C
the sky gone crazy with stars
Am                      D  
while we stay here we imagine we're alive
G                      C
we see shadows on the walls
Am                                       D  
there's something waiting for us in the hot, wet air
G                 C
sweat, water and alcohol

just the old blood
rising up through the wooden floor again
just the old love
asking for more again 

G Em D* C (x2)
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