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 =====The Moon Song===== =====The Moon Song=====
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 that's not very nice. that's not very nice.
 no, it isn't. no, it isn't.
-the moon shining,  
-three hours into the best part of the day and 
-i want to tell you that you're so pretty and  
-the words come out wrong and the rage gets in the way.. 
-dead quiet you looked at me like you were looking into space. 
-yeah, in space noone could hear you say good bye. 
-but down here i shouldn't have to read it on your face. 
-that's not normal. 
-that's not right. 
-that's not very nice. 
 no, it isn't. no, it isn't.
-the moon shining down on your body. +tabbed by Michael Walker (
-you look so nice. +
-and i want to tell you, but you don't want to hear it, +
-and i know. you don't have to tell me twice. +
-but, once would be civil. the moon shining. +
-i got it in my brain, and i had so much to say but there was dead quiet. +
-you were silent. three hours -- into the best part of the day. +
-and that's not normal. +
-that's not right. +
-that's not very nice. +
-no, it isn't.+
-and that's not normal. +</code>
-that's not right. +
-that's not very nice. +
-no, it isn't. +
- +
-tabbed by Michael Walker (
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