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 +Standard tuning. No capo.
 +C C
 +    G
 + ​Please buy the shirts
 +F      C
 + The shirts are so nice
 +         C
 + ​You'​ll look stylish
 +      G
 + In your Mountain Goats shirt
 +       F C
 + Ooh ooh ooh
 + C  ​  G
 + ​People see you walking down the street, they say
 +      F
 + ​Who'​s that handsome person
 +        C
 + In the Mountain Goats shirt
 +C G F
 +C C
 + You will seek out your family, who you haven'​t seen in ten years,
 +   G   F
 + and you're kinda worried how the whole thing'​s gonna go
 + C   C
 + And you show up at the door and they say God,
 +       G
 + ​It'​s good to see you
 + F
 + In your Mountain Goats shirt
 +C C G
 +F C C
 + After the College of Cardinals was done voting
 +G        F
 + And it was announced that Cardinal Ratzinger, who leans rather far right,
 +C        C
 + was gonna be the new Holy Father, for better or worse
 +    ​G  ​ F
 + He could'​ve made a better first impression on the world'​s media
 + C
 + In his Mountain Goats shirt
 +C G F C C G F
 +       C       C
 + So if you're lonely
 + G      F
 + Or shirtless
 +       C C
 + Stop by the merchandising table and check out Mr. Vanderslice,​
 +   G
 + ​he'​s attractive and I hear he's available
 +       F
 + And he's got a whole table full of Mountain Goats shirts
 +C C G F C
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