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Line 2: Line 2:
 tabbed my mike tabbed my mike
 +e--0-- ​    
 +B--3-- ​   ​
 +G--2-- ​  
 +D--2-- ​   ​
 +A--0-- ​    
 +E----- ​
 D D
Line 9: Line 18:
          G          G
 when the doorbell sounds like an air raid siren when the doorbell sounds like an air raid siren
-D             A+D             Asus4 A
 I am lying in wait I am lying in wait
Line 27: Line 36:
               D               D
 and we watch two Jehovah'​s Witnesses and we watch two Jehovah'​s Witnesses
-Asus4/A/Aadd9/A+Asus4 A
 retreating down the lane retreating down the lane
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