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New Chevrolet in Flames

Tabbed by Rosa

Here's the rhythm of the G Am-C-Am part; I tried to make this pretty exact, 
but if you keep your down-up-down-up strumming pattern solid most stuff will sound ok.
h means hammer on to the next note. 
x is a muted strum; I play it by hitting the strings with my palm on the downstroke like I'm palm-muting.

     G               Am    C   Am
   + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1  etc.

Intro: G Am-C-Am G Am-C-Am G Am-C C D

G                         Am-C-Am
We were drinking colorado bulldogs
G                Am-C-Am
When inspiration struck 
G                  Am-C-Am
And we knew it was high time 
C                        D
For us to change our own luck

We cracked a couple Coca-Colas open 
Mixed them up with vodka and some coffee liqueur 
Poured in some cold milk raised our glasses high to old friends 
My love for you is 98 percent pure

        C              G           
But the 2 percent that remains
C                            D
Has fried the circuits in my brain


I got out my smoking jacket
You put on some fishnets and your smart black beret
We cut quite a figure in the mirror 
And then we were on our way

Oh would that you would kiss me
With the kisses of your mouth
Cause your mouth is sweeter than wine and has 
A more complicated history than the American South

As the evening took us in 
You could've popped the tension with a safety pin


We went down to Pete Brown's Chevrolet
Cause Pete Brown can satisfy all your new car needs
We were nicely oiled by then 
Our internal transponders picking up satellite feeds 

From well worn ancient places
Our eager young sales rep handed us the keys
We drove about 3 quarters of a mile
All that's left for us now are moments like these

We parked behind the high school away from the light 
And the flames climbed high into the night

Intro x 2, end on G
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