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 **new monster ave** **new monster ave**
 tabbed my mike/​howardfinkel483 tabbed my mike/​howardfinkel483
Line 13: Line 11:
 Em                  D Em                  D
 the ground is gonna freeze. the ground is gonna freeze.
 F#           G F#           G
Line 19: Line 16:
              D              D
 what are they doing there? what are they doing there?
 greenhouse full of butcher'​s broom, greenhouse full of butcher'​s broom,
Line 25: Line 21:
 some time before the sun comes up, some time before the sun comes up,
 the earth is gonna crack. the earth is gonna crack.
 I look down at my hands, I look down at my hands,
 like they were mirrors. like they were mirrors.
 fresh coffee at sunrise, fresh coffee at sunrise,
Line 35: Line 29:
 been waiting such a long time now, been waiting such a long time now,
 my number'​s finally coming up. my number'​s finally coming up.
 all the neighbors come on out to their front porches, all the neighbors come on out to their front porches,
 waving torches. waving torches.
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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