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New Star Song
tabbed by mike/howardfinkel.

Capo 1 (this is just one of the ways i figured out from the album, you can capo it lots of places and it can be different live, im guessing John's tuned down a step or something on the album..)
Can also just do Capo 3 and drop all the chords a full step, i play that sometimes too..

A   F#m   D    A

F#m    D                         A                   F#m
i hung pictures of you from every lamp post in town
D      A                                               F#m   D
as the humidity climbed into numbers i don't care to repeat
A                                       F#m
the air was heavy and the sky was alive
D                               A                        E
and the pacific starlight train wasn't due in till 11.45

E                     A
i thought about how cold you must be
E                     A
i thought about things i thought that i'd soon be forgetting
E                      A                          D
i thought of you up in canada as the lightning storm lit up
                    A     F#m
all downtown redding

D          A                                            F#m    
there were teenagers in mini-trucks coming around every corner
        D                    A                              F#m
you can taste the adrenaline, coming out through their skin
  D                    A         
i came to the well-lit doorway of a sheet music store
F#m     D                  A                                     E
saw my face in the glass. sat down in the doorway and i settled in.


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