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Nova Scotia


I listened to this song and enjoyed it, so I thought I'd learn how to play it.
Saddened as I was when I discovered that there was no tab for it already, I 
thought that I'd attempt to make one. This is the best I could come up with.
There's not much of a pattern to the song.

I put it in a strange, nearly unused, 4/8 time signature. This is the first
tab that I've ever made, so it might not be in the proper syntax for tabs.
Each "-" is not a beat. Keep in mind that there are 8 beats in each measure,
no matter what it looks like. The timing of some of it is pretty weird, so
I'd suggest listening to the song before playing it to figure that out.

 E |--|--|--------|----------|------0-|----|----------|0----|----------|----|---------|--------------|
 B |--|--|------3-|0-3-0-----|--------|----|--------3-|-----|--------3-|----|--------3|------0-------|
 G |--|--|----0---|------0---|----0---|--0-|------0---|-0---|------0---|0---|0-----0--|----0---0---0-|
 D |2-|0-|0-2-----|--------0-|0-2-----|0---|0-0-2-----|---0-|0-0-2-----|--0-|--0-2----|0-0-------0---|
 A |--|--|--------|----------|--------|----|----------|-----|----------|----|---------|--------------|
 E |--|--|--------|----------|--------|----|----------|-----|----------|----|---------|--------------|

 E |--------|--------|--------0---|------|
 B |--------|3-------|----------3-|3-----|
 G |-----0--|--0---0-|------0-----|------|
 D |0-0-2-2-|----0---|0-0-2-------|------|
 A |--------|--------|------------|--0-2-|
 E |--------|--------|------------|------|

 E |
 B |
 G |
 D |
 A |
 E |

 E |
 B |
 G |
 D |
 A |
 E |
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