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 +One Frozen River - The Mountain Goats
 +Bmaj7           ​Dmaj7 ​ Emaj7
 +Intro: B Bmaj7 Riff (x4)
 +B                                            Bmaj7
 +when my old friend came crawling up the hill,
 +broken and bloody,
 +B                                        Bmaj7
 +carrying her hair in clumps in her hands,
 +I let her right on in,
 +let her right in.
 +B Bmaj7 Riff (x2)
 +when she stood at the kitchen window,
 +staring out at the countryside,​
 +and then she looked my way.
 +I let her right on in,
 +let her right in.
 +And when she was stronger than she'd been before,
 +I opened the front door.
 +And then I opened the back door.
 +and the sunlight poured in.
 +-Tabbed by Benjamin Havey
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