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Orange Ball of Hate
by The Mountain Goats
tabbed by Jonathan Bliss
      and Andy Moskowitz

 F (x forever) (with D# E note diddly)

 when i hear the screeching weather vane
 in the wild wind and the (p/h)issing rain
 i know that one of us, i'm not saying who,
 has got rocks in her head
 the rain comes through the open
 C Bb
 window but you don't think so
 i sure do love you (2x)

 when i notice that the radio is broken
 i see you standing there in the doorway soaking
 the water drizzles off of you down to the floor
 and i say that i don't want to live in new england anymore
 some flower petals stick to your skin
 i grab hold of your hip,  and i pull you in

 when the building establishes control
 when the thunder from the north begins to roll down our way
 i know i've been right all along
 and you start singing that stupid children's song
 you think i don't know it
 but i just don't feel like singing it
 sure do love you
 i sure do love you
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