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 +Ox Baker Triumphant
 +by The Mountain Goats
 +tabbed by Jonathan Bliss
 +      and Andy Moskowitz
 +A G D A (2x)
 +A E
 +i will rise from the swamp
 +F#m D
 +where they dumped my private plane
 +i’ll be clutching a life preserver
 +in my teeth
 +and i will find the highway
 +and i will flag down a truck
 +worry lines on my forehead
 +blank stare underneath
 +A E
 +and when i come back to town
 +D A
 +i’m gonna cast my burden down
 +A E
 +a little worse for wear
 +D (A)
 +practically walking on air
 +A E D A (4x)
 +i will thank my ride
 +and claw my way back inside
 +to the guts of the building where my enemies
 +hide in the dark like roaches
 +and I will signal the camera crew
 +and everyone will do what he’s been trained how to do
 +sweat dripping from my face
 +as my moment approaches
 +click your heels
 +count to three
 +i bet you never expected me
 +a little worse for wear
 +practically walking on air
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