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 +Tuned slightly up. No capo.
 +for days i watched you from my place.
 +a thousand miles away in space.
 +  F      C
 +remembering you body, how it turned me into what i am now.
 +i have not broken any laws to work toward my stupid cause.
 +      G        F
 +i can see you now from where i am.
 + C
 +i can see you completely.
 +i planted hedges of hydrangia
 +because you were going to pennsylvania.
 +    F
 +and i didn't know what else to do.
 +  C
 +i wanted to put my hands on you.
 +i wanted to tell you everything,
 +but i ended up here orbiting.
 +      G
 +i can see you now,
 +i can feel you now.
 +     ​F  ​ C
 +from where i am, i can see you completely.
 +i went into your room,
 +it got so crazy in there, the air turned hot.
 +      F        C
 +and i saw them, but i didn't read your letters.
 +i will never bleed like i used to bleed again.
 +i can't bleed like normal men.
 +   G        F (mute immediately)
 +but i can see you, my heart beats like a magic drum.
 +   C
 +from where i am, i can see you completely.
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