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C Cmaj7 Dm7/A C C6 Fmaj7

          Em7              G  Am
 When the house lights all go dark
F        Am C
 Shuffle on down to the park
Dm                  Am
 Spent stars in the winter sky
Bdim/Ab             Am  G  F
 Days of refuge in short supply
F/G                       C
 All you parasites climb aboard
F                  F/G
 All you vagabonds praise the Lord

C Cmaj7 Dm7/A C C6 Fmaj7
          Em7          G     Am      
 When the compost pile grows high
F         Am  C
 Climb to the top if I try
Dm                        Am
 Long haul truckers still wide awake
Bdim/Ab                   Am G   F
 Guard their pathways for Jesus' sake
F/G                             C
 All your garbage trucks to the curb
F                 F/G
 True sons of the living word

Am/F G/E                     C  Em  F    C/F F
 Try not to get stuck in the intake vent
C     Bb                                            Gsus
 Grow fat, and grow old, and go blind, and be content

C Cmaj7 Dm7/A C C6 Fmaj7

          Em7            G    Am
 All your pack dogs have your say
F       Am   C
 Let me just find my own way
Dm           Am
 Moon in the trees my guide
Bdim/Ab       Am  G      F
 Walk with my jaw hinged wide
F/G                      C
 Once more unto the breach
F                           F/G
 Safe in the spots that the light can't reach

C Cmaj7 Dm7/A C C6 Fmaj7
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