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 +====== Proverbs 6:27 ======
 +-tabbed by Mike Wojciechowski
 +Can a man hold fire against his chest without burning his clothes?
 +B  E  B  E
 +B                       Ebm
 +Try to hide down in the darkness
 +A                       E
 +Get accustomed to our shapes
 +B                               C#m
 +Rained in 'til next week at the earliest
 +E                             F#
 +Go through an old box full of betamax tapes
 +B E B E
 +Pull the blankets up to my neck
 +And the screen began to glow
 +I cried real tears when they beat Chuck Norris down
 +Wait here in the shadows 'til the shadows let me go
 +          G#m           ​F# ​            E
 +And treat each crushing moment like a gift
 +    B            F#        B
 +And wait for the fog to lift
 +Pretend I'm waiting for a notice
 +From someone somewhere far away
 +Sit here and break things while I'm waiting
 +As day gives way to day gives way to day gives way to day
 +But though I try to let the shadows mask my movements
 +They'​re never gonna hide me like they used to
 +I watch the delta force save everybody from that plane on fire
 +I was watching wishing i had not lost track of you
 +I treat each crushing moment like a gift
 +And wait for the fog to lift 
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