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 ====== Quetzalcoatl is Born ====== ====== Quetzalcoatl is Born ======
-<​code>​-tabbed by<​code>​-Hi, this is just a quick edit to the original by Wade Clanton 
 +In the album when John finishes a statement (except the second one in the verse) and he hits that high note, you just 
 +mash your pinky up on the E string on the 4th fret. My sources (the internet) say that its an Amaj7 but don't quote me directly. 
 +So it looks like 
 +AM7: x02224  
 +E                    A 
 +it's a cold night in Sonora 
 +E                             ​A ​     AM7 
 +and the stars are out in full force 
 +E                                A 
 +it's a moment the world has been waiting for 
 +E                              A 
 +when you set the world back on course 
 +E                 A 
 +into the fire you go 
 +E                 ​A ​   AM7 
 +into the fire you go 
 +Wash, rinse, repeat. 
 +-tabbed by
 Mute generously. Mute generously.
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 into the fire you go into the fire you go
 into the fire you go</​code>​ into the fire you go</​code>​
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