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 </code> </code>
 +by The Mountain Goats
 +tabbed by Jonathan Bliss
 +      and Andy Moskowitz
 + B E B B
 + When I receive the blessing I've got coming
 + E F# B B
 + I'm going to raise an ice-cold glass of water
 + B E B
 + And toast the living and the dead who've gone before me
 + E B F# B
 + And my head will throb like an old wound reopening
 + B E B B
 + When I get off the bus down there my children
 + E F# B B
 + They all are going to greet me at the station
 + B E
 + Like gypsies they will dance around me
 + B E                                           B F# B
 + And the choral droning sound their voices make will saturate the evening
 + B E B B
 + When I get off the wheel I'm going to stop
 + E F# B B
 + And make amends to everyone I've wounded
 + B E
 + And when I wave my magic wand
 + B E                                                               B F# B
 + Those few who've slipped the surly bonds will rise like salmon at the spawning
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