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 +E D
 +E                                D
 +Close the balcony and the rainbow
 +E                             D
 +Because the promoter says so
 +Bb                                 F
 +Aviators and a buckskin frontier hat
 +Eb                            Dm
 +How come they dress like that?
 +C#m        Cm(?)Fdim maybe?          Bb
 +They break the news to me so gentle
 +Fdim                           Bb
 +But I start to feel sentimental
 +Am7         Gm                 Dm
 +This used to be the place to go
 +Gdim C                         D
 +Still draw pretty good in Ontario
 +G        D                  Em             D
 +Nobody wants to hear the twelve bar blues
 +C Bm                        E
 +From a guy in platform shoes
 +E D 
 +Let's just have a good time when the show's done
 +Ask where the good clubs are and go find one
 +Roll up to the curb
 +Spill out of the car
 +Everyone's dressed up like corpses
 +I brought my guitar
 +Set it down by the stage
 +The singer's locked up in a steel cage
 +Shaking the bars
 +Eyes wild with fear
 +I don't belong here
 +Nobody wants to hear the twelve bar blues
 +From a guy in platform shoes
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