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 +From http://​​mgrcs.html
 +Capo on 2nd fret
 +Chords relative to Capo
 +D:     ​xx0232
 +Asus4: x02230
 +Em7:   ​022030
 +G:     ​320033
 +D         ​Asus4 ​       Em7       G Asus4
 +D                                            Asus4
 +as we pull into the harbor in New York today i ask you how you're doing you swear up and down you're ok
 +Em7                                         ​G ​                   Asus4
 +but i can see what's gotten into your eyes it's written all over your face tonight
 +D                                    Asus4
 +we will never see Ireland again we will never see Ireland again
 +D         ​Asus4 ​       Em7       G Asus4
 +D                                       Asus4
 +as we hang up the map on the motel wall count up the places that we've left behind add the distances in between them all
 +Em7                                               ​G ​                             Asus4
 +all the bridges that someone'​s burned down for us all the chances that we burned all by ourselves
 +D                                          Asus4
 +makes us wonder what we were thinking then cos we will never see Ireland again
 +we will never see Ireland again
 +G                         Asus4
 +we will never see Ireland again
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