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Riches and Wonders
by The Mountain Goats

I'm not 100% sure about the chord placement.  Also, the strumming pattern you have to figure out yourself.
As a sidenote, I like to play those E chords with a little improvised plucking on the first two or three strings,
just to break up the monotony a little.  It sounds like Darnielle does something like that on the song anyway.

John also adds a F# to the E chord every now and then (making it Esus2). You can hear it in the intro and a lot
of the times that an E comes in, it actually starts out with that 2nd added and then dropped. For example, at the
end of the line "We stayed up all night". I've added the Esus2 chord shape below.

A7add9    Esus2

--x----- ---0---
--0----- ---0---
--1----- ---1---
--2----- ---4---
--0----- ---2---
--x----- ---0---

we live high, our love gorges on the alcohol we feed it 

and it grows all fat and friendly, we have surplus if we need it 

       A7add9                A                     E 
we hold on as hard as we can, our knuckles are white 

we write letters to each other invent secrets to confess to 

i learn foreign and exotic terms of endearment by which to address you 

       A7add9                   A                     E
we feed fresh fruit to one another we stay up all night 

             B                             A 
and i am healthy, i am whole, but i have poor impulse control 

              E                B 
and i want to go home, but i am home 

we are strong, we are faithful, we are guardians of a rare thing

we pay close, careful attention to the news the morning air brings 

        A7add9       A                         E 
we show great loyalty to the hard times we've been through 

we are filled with riches and wonders, our love keeps the things it finds 

and we dance like drunken sailors, lost at sea out of our minds 

         A7add9                  A                              E
you find shelter somewhere in me, and i find great comfort in you 

            B                             A 
and i keep you safe from harm, you hold me in your arms 

               E              B 
and i want to go home, but i am home 

(interlude - 2 measures of E major, one measure of A7add9, one measure of A major, repeat as necessary) 

(ending is also just an E major chord) 
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