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 +Standard tuning, Capo on 1
 +The little riff you can hear in the background is done on the high e string.
 +Relative to capo:
 +E E
 +E         E
 +Big city, wide corner, ​
 +B            E
 +New flowers, cold comfort. ​
 +E            E
 +56 farenheit early in the morning. ​
 +B                E
 +Buses passing by black smoke in their wake. 
 +A                E
 +Big surprises, a lot of big surprises ​
 +B              E
 +Bones ringing, running away from what Freud said. 
 +E E B E
 +E            E
 +Same morning, world breathing, ​
 +Far, far from home
 +Big ringing in the bones
 +E                      E
 +Whose bones are these? God please.
 +B                 E
 +Feel the pumping, feel the fresh blood pump inside
 +A                  E
 +City's living, the city's truly living ​
 +B                      E
 +What's the difference? Running away from what freud said.
 +E E B E  x2
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