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thank_you_mario fixed some incorrect chords for a more accurate version - wasnt sure if i should edit yours, so there is a third option now (more piano friendly than the first)
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 +=====Satanic Messiah=====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Satanic Messiah 
 tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel
-F# F#7 D B +capo on the 2nd fret
- +
-F#        F#7             ​B ​            ​C# ​ (riff on B string, 4-6) +
-I saw the posters popping up around the city +
-B    #                   ​F# ​  C# +
-Pale blue and washed out red +
-F#      F#7         ​B ​               C# (riff on B string, 4-6) +
-I went down to the arena pushing through +
-B    C#         ​F# ​      C# +
-     ​Hoping I'd run into you +
- +
-B                C#                  Ebm    G# +
-Sweet freshly scrubbed smell of the crowd +
-B          C#                F#    C# +
-All the excitement in their eyes +
-B            Bb7           ​Ebm ​                    G# +
-We were all made young when he stepped onto the stage +
-B       ​C# ​      ​Ebm ​             G#   +
-Like an animal escaping from his cage +
- +
-C#         F# +
-Raise the trumpet +
-           B +
-Sound the drum +
-            F#                C#               F# +
-He whom the prophets spoke of long ago has come +
- +
-All of us too dazed to leave when it was over +
-Dawdled by the vendors for a minute +
-Gathered underneath a summer sky +
-I was hoping you'd pass by +
- +
-But though I didn't see you that day or the next +
-I'm pretty sure that you were there +
-Making your way along the young and happy horde +
-Headed down to your reward +
- +
-Raise the trumpet +
-Sound the drum +
-He whom the prophets spoke of long ago has come +
- +
-F# F#7 D B F# +
- +
-</​code>​ +
- +
-<​code>​ +
-In my opinion, this is much easier to play on guitar with a capo on the second ​fret. All I've done here is +
-transcribe all of the chords in the original tab down 2 half steps+
 E E7 C A E E7 C A
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 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Satanic Messiah 
 tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel - edited by jesse tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel - edited by jesse
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