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 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Tabbed by Colin Pound/​acowkickedme+Tabbed by Colin Pound/​acowkickedme/Rosa
-The C Dm F part goes something like this, before going into a normal F strum:+The C Dm F part goes something like this:
-    C           ​Dm ​        ​ +    C           ​Dm ​      F 
-e --0--0--------1--1-------- +e --0--0--------1--1-0---------------- 
-G --1--1--------3--3-------- +G --1--1--------3--3---3-1-1-1-0-3-0-- 
-B --0--0--------2--2-------- +B --0--0--------2--2-----2-2-2-2-2-2-- 
-D --2--2--0--2--0--0--2--4-- +D --2--2--0--2--0--0-----3-3-3-------- 
-A --3--3-------------------- +A --3--3-----------------3-3-3-3-3-3-- 
-E --------------------------+------------------------------------
 C C
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 hopeless urchins from the city hopeless urchins from the city
 gather around gather around
 Spies from imperial China Spies from imperial China
 wash in with the tide wash in with the tide
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