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 +===== Sendero Luminoso Verdadero =====
 +tabbed by matador breckle.
 +A   ​H ​  ​D ​  (2x)
 +     ​A ​        ​H ​            D
 +by 8.30 am the sun was so hot,
 +but it made me remember.
 +  A                            H
 +i pulled on my jacket with the bars on the pockets
 +      D
 +and i stood in front of the window
 +        A                     H
 +and the skin on my face has a memory all its own
 +        D                      ​
 +and the drinks in the pure heat, real slow.
 +          A              H             ​D ​   ​
 +chorus: i remember lima. i remember the good life
 +        A            H                D
 +i remember lima. i remember the good life
 +    A                  H                   ​D ​                     ​
 +the window is ten feet high and three feet wide
 +A                         H
 +sun beams bounce off the dark water
 +    D
 +and comes through the clear glass, magnified.
 +         ​A ​                   H  ​
 +standin'​ here in the house on pacific coast highway
 +D                                        A
 +given to me by a friend whose name is no longer important
 +H                D
 +my conscience is clean.
 +        A                     ​H ​  
 +and the feeling of power like thick red wine
 +     D
 +it's o-nine-o-five military time
 +chorus (2x)
 +A   ​H ​  ​D ​  ​(6x) ​ D