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===== Sendro Cuminaso Verdado ===== tabbed by matador breckle. <code> A H D (2x) A H D by 8.30 am the sun was so hot, but it made me remember. A H i pulled on my jacket with the bars on the pockets D and i stood in front of the window A H and the skin on my face has a memory all its own D and the drinks in the pure heat, real slow. A H D chorus: i remember lima. i remember the good life A H D i remember lima. i remember the good life A H D the window is ten feet high and three feet wide A H sun beams bounce off the dark water D and comes through the clear glass, magnified. A H standin' here in the house on pacific coast highway D A given to me by a friend whose name is no longer important H D my conscience is clean. A H and the feeling of power like thick red wine D it's o-nine-o-five military time chorus (2x) A H D (6x) D </code>

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