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Sept 19 Triple X Love! Love!

tabbed by matador breckle, corrected by Jon A.

The D chord is sometimes played differently, whenever the D C pattern is played.


D  C (4X)
D                        C
I cut down that withered peach tree
D                       C
Just like you asked me to
D                      C
And I hacked it into pieces
Em                       D
Set it on fire with your face in plain view
       G                      D
At the near window where you stood
C                     G
Watching me split the wood
I will do as I am told
C                    G        D   C (2x)
I will keep away the cold

D                   C
The fire pit in the snow
D                       C
Gave off a rich bright orange-red glow
D                         C
A familiar scent rose up into the air
          D                                C
And I remembered something special from a long time ago
    G                  D
You opened up the door
C                      G
Stepped away from the killing floor
Your footprint on the snow was fresh and new
C                          G
When you touched me I felt fire coming through
I will do as I am told
C                    G
I will keep away the cold
I will do as I am told
C                    G       D  C (3x)  G  D  C  G  (2x)
I will keep away the cold
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