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another way to play it:

the Mountain Goats - Shower
by John Darnielle
tabbed by JBM (

at the end of the Em he sometimes hits the high E string like so:

intro: Em C Am  (x2)

the blackest storm i ever saw

       C          Am
was coming in from omaha

and the latest news from tokyo was 

C            Am
a lot of ugly numbers

i was checkin' pay phones for forgotten coins

            C           Am
as the clouds came over west des moines

got into the house got the curtains drawn

C                            Am
got into the the shower with all my clothes on

Em                               G  D
hey! hey! let the water come down!

Em                               G   D
hey! hey! let the water come down!

back in intro

by noon it was clear that winter'd come
and i just let the water run
and i got soap suds in my eyes
and it stung like iodine
the phone started ringing like a fire alarm
and the voice on the machine was brutally calm
new numbers coming down the wire
got into the shower with my eyes on fire
hey! hey! let it fall on me, 
let it all come down relentlessly!
you swore that you would stick around 
when days like this started coming down!
break out the crystal!
get out the good champagne!
we're going down.... in flames.
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