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 intro: Em C Am  (x2) intro: Em C Am  (x2)
 Em Em
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 back in intro back in intro
 +by noon it was clear that winter'd come
 +and i just let the water run
 +and i got soap suds in my eyes
 +and it stung like iodine
 +the phone started ringing like a fire alarm
 +and the voice on the machine was brutally calm
 +new numbers coming down the wire
 +got into the shower with my eyes on fire
 +hey! hey! let it fall on me, 
 +let it all come down relentlessly!
 +you swore that you would stick around 
 +when days like this started coming down!
 +break out the crystal!
 +get out the good champagne!
 +we're going down.... in flames.
 </code> </code>
-and so on. 
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