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Line 5: Line 5:
 Feel free to fill in the blanks Feel free to fill in the blanks
 In these times of wanting prophecy In these times of wanting prophecy
-Dm +Am 
 And false witnesses  And false witnesses 
 Am Em Am Em
Line 26: Line 26:
 Bearing the Sicilian crest Bearing the Sicilian crest
 Portents in the sky Portents in the sky
-C Dm +D G
 Say that the time is near Say that the time is near
-Am +Am 
 Dial into the signal Dial into the signal
-Em+Am Em
 Coming in loud and clear Coming in loud and clear
Line 58: Line 58:
 The whispers from the storefronts The whispers from the storefronts
 Hope for the best Hope for the best
 Prepare for the worst Prepare for the worst
 C D C D
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