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All verses the same I think:

D A Bm G These roses are the pleasures of the flesh These ones here they are the pleasures of the spirit Tucked behind a pornographic picture in a frame The troops found the pierced heart and they all gathered near it

Inbetween verses, play: D G D G

Chorus: G A D G Of the several things you have to do today You're gonna regret one This generation asks for a sign It isn't gonna get one

Then back to that D, and repeat.

This is how John played it in the Ships and Dips YouTube video anyway… I'll be the annoying guy and say this is my first tab so I think it won't be perfect, John seems to be doing some kind of hammering on that I haven't got to grips with at the start, but other than I think it's fairly close. Thanks to Mike (green_vii) for helping out!

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