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===== Slow West Vultures =====
mostly tabbed by Rosa

The timing of the verses is a little weird. In the first verse the first line has 5 measures of Asus2 
(3 before you start singing), the second has 3 measures, and the third has 2 measures. In the second 
it's 4:2:2. However, I've seen it be 4:3:2 3:2:2 in live videos instead of the 5:3:2 4:2:2 on the 
recording, I imagine he just kinda starts singing when he wants and the band follows his lead.

E     022100
Asus2 x02200
B     x24442
C     x35553
D     x57775



Asus2                                   E
Breaking the signal, so it's totally unreadable
Asus2                                   E
Drinking the dregs, eating the utterly inedible
Asus2         E           B
We do what we do, all for you
C                                    E
All dressed up, black hat and white cane
C                    B
Slowly circling the drain
D C B          E
Ready for the future
D C                           B
Ready for the world about to come

E C x3, E E

Shooting the sequel before the treatment's even finished
Sanding numbers off the monojects as our slight returns diminish
We are what we are, get in the god damn car
Smiling faces flawlessly rehearsed
We are sleek and beautiful, we are cursed
Ready for the future
Ready for the world about to come

 E C x3, E C C C E (let ring)
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