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 ===== Slow West Vultures ===== ===== Slow West Vultures =====
 mostly tabbed by Rosa mostly tabbed by Rosa
 +The timing of the verses is a little weird. In the first verse the first line has 5 measures of Asus2 
 +(3 before you start singing), the second has 3 measures, and the third has 2 measures. In the second 
 +it's 4:2:2. However, I've seen it be 4:3:2 3:2:2 in live videos instead of the 5:3:2 4:2:2 on the 
 +recording, I imagine he just kinda starts singing when he wants and the band follows his lead.
 E     022100 E     022100
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 Intro: Intro:
-E E E E Asus2+E E E E
 Asus2                                   E Asus2                                   E
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