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=== Snakeheads ===
tabbed by Rosa

This is not intended to be exact, just a way to play this on guitar and have it sound all right. 
Listen to the song to get the rhythm 

B   x24442
C   x35553
G   355433
D   x57775
A7  x75655
A   577655

D Riff:                         G Riff:

    D                  B  C
e ---5------5-------5--2--3-|  |---3------3------3-|
B ---7------7-------7--4--5-|  |---3------3------3-|
G ---7------7-------7--4--5-|  |---4------4------4-|
D ---7--5h7-7-------7--4--5-|  |---5------5------5-|
A -5------------3h5----2--3-|  |---5--4h5-5------5-|
E --------------------------|  |-3-----------2-3---|

Transition 1:  Chorus:                                                                           Transition 2:
                                 Headed...Islands                            Headed...Islands
   A Bm C#m D    Em D  Em  D  G       (Em) D Em  D Bm  D  (D) Em D Em  D Bm       (Em) D Em  D Bm     A  D Em  A
e ------------| |---------------|------------------------|------------------|---------------------| |------------|
B -2--3--5--7-| |-8--7--5--3--0-|------(5)-7--5--3--3--3-|(7)-8--7--5--3--3-|------(5)-7--5--3--3-| |-2--3--5--2-|
G -2--4--6--6-| |-9--7--4--2--0-|------(4)-7--4--2--4--2-|(7)-9--7--4--2--4-|------(4)-7--4--2--4-| |-2--2--4--2-|
D ------------| |---------------|---------------------(0)|------------------|---------------------| |------------|
A ------------| |---------------|------------------------|------------------|---------------------| |------------|
E ------------| |---------------|------------------------|------------------|---------------------| |------------|

D Riff x2

D Riff
Weather sailed from northern Canada 
D Riff
Due in before the afternoon is over
G Riff                   B  C
Brown cows in the fields
D Riff
Eating their way slowly through the clover

D Riff x2

And the canopy of apple trees before us
Symmetrical and pure as a pagoda
G Riff                                    B  B
Me and Lee Chong from Chicago in a U-Haul
D                               Pre-Chorus
Headed out through western Minnesota

Headed for the islands x2

D A7 G A (B string pluck 7 then 5) D 

D Riff

Our load is heavy, and you can hear it shifting
Say what you like, I'm never gonna stop
G Riff                               B C
Everyone will eat when we've arrive
White apple blossoms soften up the blacktop

D Riff x2

Two days from now we'll get to where we're going
The western sky will pitch correct its whining
G Riff                               B C
Our cargo's gonna spill out from the cabin
D                                   Post-Chorus
And rub its eyes and see the silver lining, yeah yeah

Headed for the islands x2

On the second "islands" hold D and then end or play the outro (I'll make a tab when I have time)
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