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badposture Riffs stupidly misaligned
Line 41: Line 41:
 A    D6* Riff_3 A    D6* Riff_3
   what cars there are   what cars there are
-A       D6* Riff_3+A       D6*   ​Riff_3
   go by like snails   go by like snails
 A    D6* A    D6*
Line 50: Line 50:
 A        D6* Riff_3 A        D6* Riff_3
   the quiet air   the quiet air
-A      D6* Riff_3+A      ​D6* ​  ​Riff_3
   is worth some discussion   is worth some discussion
 A    D6* A    D6*
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