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Some Swedish Trees

tabbed by matador breckle.

E  D  A (4x)
E             D               A
Well you were standing in the door
E                              A       B         
While I wondered what you were waiting for
          E                 A
I saw the wild strawberries on the vine
E      B        E D A (2x)
Out of control

E                    D                  A
Well I was trying to think of something clever
E               D         A
You were saying nothing whatsoever
E                                            A
I saw the berries throw their hooks into the soil
Felt the blood between us churning thick as motor oil

E                   D   A
We'd come from california
E            D                A
The air around you was familiar to me now
            E  D       A
If you were gazing westward
E        D        A                      
I was looking at you again
Yeah.                          E D A (4x) E
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